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Find a community for spiritual growth.

At First Presbyterian Church, you’ll find a loving and diverse congregation that seeks to serve God and grow in their faith. Join us today!

Grow in Faith with Christian Education.

Nurture your faith and grow closer to God by taking part in Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church. Our Adult Sunday School class meets every Sunday morning and offers a unique opportunity to learn about the Bible, engage in meaningful conversations, and form lasting connections with others.

Worship with professional music staff.

Come experience the power of worship with our professional music staff. Our music ministries are led by gifted individuals who will help create an inspiring and meaningful worship experience for all. Join us today to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Connect with a community that cares.

Sometimes the world can be cold and lonely, but at First Presbyterian Church, you’ll find a community of people who care. Our Outreach Ministries are dedicated to bringing comfort and hope to those who are often marginalized in our society. Come join us and be part of something special.

Fellowship is important.

Come experience the power of meeting with members of the church and community for luncheons, special worship times, and enjoying time together.


Feel free to contact us and ask us anything before visiting!


1105 Union St.
Brunswick, GA 31520